HaiDian District

Beijing, China

Centers around the efficiency and scalability of next-generation microprocessors for the emerging planet-scale applications. With domain specific architecture and kilo-scale networks, I believe the future heterogeneous manycore microprocessor would provide unprecedented computation power and efficiency, empowering us to better acquire, process and understand the information of the world.

I have spent my last 20 years in pursuing this goal, taped out multiple novel microprocessor along with the toolchains/runtime support, including the MaPU architecture with Ultra VLIW (14 slots) and CGRA feature, and Celerity, a 511 RISC-V core chip with record-breaking benchmark scores.

Recently, I’m interested in open source processor architecture (RISC-V), and hardware/software stack of Domain Specific Accelerator (DSP, Deep Learning, Data Center, IoT).

And Now I’m leading the system software team of Yitian710, the most powerful commercialized ARM server chip with 128 ARM v9 Cores.