525 Almanor Ave

Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Centers around the efficiency and scalability of next-generation micro-processors for the emerging planet-scale applications. With domain specific architecture and kilo-scale networks, I believe the future heterogeneous manycore micorprocessor would provide unprecedented computation power and efficiency, empowering us to better acquire, process and understand the information of the world.

I have spent my last 10 years in pursuing this goal, taped out multiple novel microprocessor along with the toolchains/runtime support, including the MaPU architecture with Ultra VLIW (14 slots) and CGRA feature, and Celerity, a 511 RISC-V core chip with record-breaking benchmark scores.

Recently, I’m interested in open source processor architecture (RISC-V), and hardware/software stack of Domain Specific Accelerator (DSP, Deep Learning, Data Center, IoT).