YiTian710 is fabricated in cutting edge 5nm technology. Though YiTian710 only for internal use now and no public benchmarks results available, it still stands for the most powerful ARM Server nowadays with 510 SPEC@2017 Int Rate scores.

ARM N2 Reference Design@ARM. YiTian710 uses a similar mesh based NoC.

Production Spec

https://apsara-stack.aliyun.com/activity/AlibabaCloudServer_Mseries. Sorry, Chinese only.

  • 128 ARM v9 core
  • Up to 3.0GHz
  • TDP 250W
  • 8xDDR5 4800MHz
  • 96xPCIe Gen5
  • Server class RAS features for reliability.
  • OpenBMC based server management

Mission and Core-Value:

I was one of the YiTian710 project initial group.

My mission is to ensure:

  • Succeed in one tapeout ==> We did it! Mass Production in One shot .
  • Commercial landing within shortest time ==> Mass Production in 12 months after bringup .

I endeavored in following aspect to achieve this goal:

  1. Team Building: Build the entire system software team and stack from 0.
  2. Pre-Silicon: system level validation and workload adoption with full software stack.
  3. Post-Silicon:
    • Production feature development (DDR5/PCIe/Out-of-Band Management/RAS/Power & Thermal).
    • Chip bringup in 72 hours.
    • Enabling full machine in 1 month.
    • Mass production in 12 months (EVT/PVT/DVT,Bugfix, chip workarounds).

Reference software stack: